Purpose and Scope

Elin A.Ş. By issuing a Responsible Purchase Policy, we aim to define the requirements expected of all the supply chain stakeholders with which we can build long-term relations based on strong sustainability principles and trust as part of cooperation.

We expect all the suppliers to comply with the conditions of our Policies, Ethical Principles and Supplier Selection and Evaluation Procedure.

Supplier Liabilities

The suppliers are expected to be knowledgeable and work with the Management Systems of Elin A.Ş., carry out operations in line with these systems, comply with effective Labor Law, Environmental Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, Energy Efficiency Law, Personal Data Protection Law and similar other laws and regulations, and implement contractual terms in accordance with the Sustainability principles.

The Company’s fundamental social responsibility principles are transparency, just and equal approach, respect to intellectual property and confidentiality, compliance with laws and conformity with human rights and international codes of conduct.

As Elin A.Ş., we expect all our suppliers to adopt and implement the Ethical Codes of Conduct and Application Principles given in our website.

The suppliers should be knowledgeable with and pay regard to all the management systems and the principles of the Environmental, Health, Security and Energy policies in place at Elin A.Ş. When requested, they should document safety and environmental arrangements concerning prohibited, restricted and hazardous materials. Elin A.Ş. pays attention to the energy efficiency of the service and products procured as part of the operations. Suppliers should meet the conditions for achieving energy efficiency throughout the life cycle of a product.

Suppliers should not use the information obtained through their operations with Elin A.Ş. for their own interests and should avoid conflict of interests or unjust competition.

Review and Enhancement of the Measures and Practices concerning Responsible Purchase Policy

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