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Ankara Anatolian Industrial Zone


Ankara Anatolian Industrial Zone

First Stage Electrical Installation Works


Distribution Center Construction Works: A total of two-storey 265 m² 10 pcs Distrubituion Center and A total of two-storey 300 m² 3 pcs Distrubituion Center

Electrical Distrubition Works

630 kVA 34,5/0,4 kVA Transformers installation works: 13 pcs
High Voltage Seperated load input-output Cells: 31 pcs
High Voltage seperated load input-output transformer cell protection cells: 13 pcs
High Voltage seperated load cell voltage measurement: 13 pcs
High Voltage cell voltage measurement-seperated load current:1 pcs
36 kV 1×240 mm² XLPE Cable installation works : 40118 mt
36 kV 1×95 mm² XLPE Cable installation worksı: 780 mt
Road Lighting : 480 pcs direkli 150 W
34,5kV 3xSwallow 4 km of Electrical Transport Line project design and installation works

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