Energy is our Work

Founded in 1981, ELIN INC. from the date of its establishment until today; with its expert staff, it has completed its commitments on time without any problems, and all its works are shown as an example. The importance we attach to customer satisfaction will be understood from the fact that we have done business with the same company many times when the completed works are examined.

Our company has been constantly innovative due to its corporate culture and investigative spirit since its establishment.




Proceeding on its way with the slogan of “Energy is in Elin”, Elin INC. increases its target and capacity every year with its energetic team that can renew itself all the time and gives positive energy to its customers and suppliers.
Since 2012, Elin provides service to Renewable Energy Systems about Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning (EPC), Operation and Periodic Maintenance (O&M) with its experts on technical staff and extensive experience with the awareness that clean and renewable energy sources will contribute positively to future generations, country’s economy and environmental effects.
With the awareness of the word ‘’Every factory is a Castle’’, it established its first factory in Ankara in 2017 and today, ıt produces state-of-the-art Photovoltaic Modules with 2 factories with an area of over 100.000 m2.

Elin is Türkiye’s leading manufacturer of Photovoltaic Panels and a provider of solar energy solutions.
Our company has always aimed to be the best, not the biggest, in all business lines in which it operates. In this regard, ıt aims to be the first brand that comes to mind in its sector, works in accordance with international standarts, being pioneer in the business lines, and can adapt to technological developments.
Together with the Paris Climate Agreement, we are working for an ELIN that produces, exports and builds with the target of zero carbon emissions by 2053.
Energy is in Elin..

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